Foot Scrubber

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Foot Scrubber

Clean your feet as the actors using the Shower feet scrubbers. Your feet are filthy, black and dry due to dust, sweat and sebum. Sometimes they also develop calluse that is not appealing to the eyes. Cleaning your feet using hand-held scrubbers isn’t the most effective option since you must bend your feet before you rub. The pumice stones are not the best choice since they’re quite rough.

Also, you can find Shower foot scrubbers that will do the trick even while you’re standing within your bath. These include shoes floor mats, walls suction mats. They feature bristles that can be extremely effective to remove blackheads and dead skin. They also provide a relaxing massage, too.

Add a small amount of body wash, shampoo or liquid soap onto the scrubber brush, then apply your feet to the bristles. The scrubbers not only cleanse your skin, they also scrub away dead skin and dirt also. These skin care products can be used for multiple purposes because they can be used on your back, too.

We offer suction, wooden and electric options for you. Feel clean and refreshed after bathing now.