Soaps & Bath Bombs

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Soaps & Bath Bombs

Everyone bathes, but not all of us do it correctly. People who use bubbly bath bombs.

If you’re looking for a rejuvenating bath after playing or an enchanting explosion of fragrance and color our soaps made by hand, bubble bath bombs and soaps will be a treat for you. From strawberry-flavored, to rose-scented and jasmine-scented blends We have everything.

Are you looking to relax in the bathtub? Take a look at our sleepy soap bomb…
Do you want to feel more energized? Look at our lemongrass bath bomb.
Do you want to be floating in the heavenly realm of fantasies? Choose our dreamy lavender soap.
Do you want romantic blitzes? Try our rose version.

Treat yourself or your loved one a relaxing bath with our bomb kits and bath bombs and spread happiness around.